About House Ukuthula

Our House first opened it majestic doors in 1995. This happened together with the shift of the medical campus, away from Hatfield, and nearer to the Hospitals we work in.

There she stood, overlooking Pretoria- House Vagus. Aptly, yet weirdly, named after the 10th Cranial Nerve.

The residence immediately made waves at the University of Pretoria, for its luxurious accommodation and for overthrowing most Hatfield residences in sport, culture and academic achievements.

With the installation of our mascot, Mercury- Messenger of the gods, the House assumed Greek mythology as it’s main identity. This created traditions, respect and pride unrivalled by other campuses. House Vagus just wasn’t the right fit anymore. The House produced success in the form of skilled healthcare workers.

House Olympus was borne.  

And alongside the new name, came the establishment of our 4 values. Values that determine our way of life, social interaction and academic performance.

  1. Brotherhood.
  2. Integrity.
  3. Excellence.
  4. Respect.

Since then, different corridors in the House assumed the mythology of certain Greek gods. The corridors have their own culture, traditions and way of life, all within that of the House. A commonality in all actions made by residents is the way of life here: The House must always benefit. Corridors such as Dionysys, Cronus, Demetir were found. One corridor just could not identify themselves with any Greek symbol, and settled instead for the name Epididymis.

This leads to extravagant and well-awaited House Weeks and Sports Weeks, where all the corridors try to claim the Corridor Crown.

When it comes to what the House does, we show up in number, with pride and always humble. Our humbleness comes from knowing we are the best, and not needing to prove it.

Taking part in social events between us and female residences, winning RAG, winning culture events from house dances to debates and performing extremely well in all sport codes, placing in the top 3 of rugby, soccer, hockey, badminton, squash and more. In 2021 we are looking forward to competing in Chess as well. This balanced, mythical like, lifestyle we keep, is the reason that our House has won Best Male Academic Residence for more than a decade now. It is an award we accept with honour, yearly.

In the years of 2018/2019, a major shift in transformation occurred at the University of Pretoria. With that, name changes of many residences.

As a House proud of its multiculturalism, we took our new name with glory. It did not affect our way of life. In fact, we went onward and upward.

House Ukuthula was envisioned. Not only did she grow, she thrived. We properoured and continue to do so.

The name of the mountain our House is built on, was changed to Olympus.

House Ukuthula on Mount Olympus.

With this new name, for our House and our Mountain, our spirit, Greek mythology and ways stayed with us.

The Legend of Mercury, Olympus and Ukuthula lives on. Around us and in us.

With above in mind, the House Motto makes more sense than it ever did. A House motto we are known for, revered for and looked up to by all other residences.

Virorum Inlustrium- Men of Distinction.

From the moment you set foot in our House until the day you leave, you will see distinction, feel it in your veins and become it. Your patients will respect you. Your lecturers will know you are the best in the room. Girls will love you. And other residences will want to be you.

You will leave the residence a changed man, a better man. You will leave as a Man of distinction.

Come to this House with an open mind. Come eager. Come hungry.

We are ready.

Are you?

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