Olympus Gym Launching Soon

The Olympus HK 2023 is working towards launching a gym for the residents of House Olympus during the last quarter of 2023. We are excited to help pump up our endorphins. Health Science students are generally very stressed and not everyone can afford to go to a regular gym, so this initiative will really help […]

House Olympus Alumni Club

We have started an Olympus Alumnus Whatsapp group. Please assist us to gether all the contact details of all previous olympians by sharing this post to any previous Olympian. Alternatively, you can share the following Whatsapp link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/Kn26uP9GzXE5tjP4xWvy6a Please note, that the Whatsapp group will not be used for chating as this will disturb other […]

The Crooked Surgeon Upgrades Expected

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