RAG is one of the greatest highlights for our House as well as for all tukkie students. UP has one of the best social cultures nationally in South Africa, and living in Olympus makes it even more fun!

RAG stands for ‘Reach out And Give, and this is the University of Pretoria’s official charity organization made up by one EC or HC member of every single structure that operates under the university. 


Rag has been around for almost 200 years

Rag probably didn’t exist for most of us up until a few years ago. However, the festival has been around since 1820, when it started as most things in history seem to, as a rivalry. This was between University College London and King’s College London. It was so competitive that it became what is now known as Rag.


When Rag made its way to South Africa, Pretoria students were the first ones to embrace it
There has long been disputes between UCT and Tuks students over “who was first”. The age-old question has been answered, and yes, it was Tuks. In 1925, people paid to watch the initiation of first year students in Church Square, Pretoria, and the spectacle raised £197 which all went to charity, starting the famous occasion we now know as Rag.

The following events have been planned:

  • A can, blanket and sanitary products drive for the less fortunate – We will be receiving these donated items from willing parties and individuals. This drive will be posted on Instagram so that people know about it and offer what they wish to.
  • Animal Shetler Visit – Available EC members will visit an animal shelter around Hatfield; play with the animals, clean the shelters, and get to learn more about animal behaviour.
  • A Partneship night with our RAG partners – A day of knotting the tie with our RAG partners. All shall enjoy and be merry.
  • RAG of Hope Day – This is a UP Fun-Filled activit(ies) day for all UP students and the general public. We shall be selling recyclables, taking part in all planned activities, engaging and marketing ourselves to students and the UP community at large.
  • We will be visiting schools to donate the beforementioned donations
  • Annual Scavenger Hunt – Another fun-filled activity for students to engage and enjoy themselves in a treasure hunt. Clues will be provided, and certificates of participation will be issued.
  • A Food Garden Project for Mandela Day – We will be visiting either an old or orphanage home and get our hands dirty in the garden. This will be a fun community engagement activity that brings hope and restores faith in mankind. 
  • A Plant a Tree Project for Mandela Day – House Docendo cares about our natural environment. As a result, we will be planting a tree to raise environmental awareness—cut a tree, plant a tree!
Tuks RAG 2023
Tuks RAG 2012